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If I could change one thing in my house, it would be to have a large, beautiful closet complete with built-in dressers and shoe organizers, jewelry storage, bench or chaise lounge and changing area. Since that isn’t the case, we make do with what we have.  It is decent sized, but not large enough to hold both of mine and my husband’s clothes for all seasons.  Every summer and winter my husband and I swap out our clothes and store off season items in a spare bedroom closet.

I recently went on vacation in Arizona. In order to pack, I had to drag my off-season summer clothes out from the other closet.  The result when I got home was a jam packed closet mixed with all of my winter and most of my summer clothes.  And here it sat for the next couple of weeks.

Before 1 - blog

While on a recent trip to HomeGoods, I came across a number of organizing pieces in a matching set on clearance. I knew that they would come in handy to help get my closet organized.

Organizing boxes - blog

Now I was super motivated to purge and organize. I pulled out every item and decided whether or not to keep it.  Each time I do this process, it gets easier for me to get rid of things that I truly don’t love or ever wear.  In the past six years, our off-season clothes have been reduced from two spare bedroom closets to only one half of one spare bedroom closet.  I am happy to say this time around, I ended up with another pretty big donation pile.

Donation pile - blog

After deciding how to use the new bins and boxes, I began the task of putting my part of the closet back together (I didn’t touch my husband’s stuff at all, although I am happy to say he is pretty organized). The large open and larger zippered boxes now hold my winter sweaters and the smaller zippered boxes hold winter scarves.  The closet is still too full to my liking, and I know this fall more will be purged, but I am making progress in my attempt to get to the goal of storing my entire wardrobe in the same closet.  If I can do it, I know you can, too!  Happy organizing!

After 2 - blog

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