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Is Your House Your Home?

The title of this blog may sound silly to some.  Of course your house is your home, right?  When I think of a house, I think of a structure; a building with four walls and multiple rooms.  When I think of a home, it is more than that.  It is your personal sanctuary; the place where you live and probably spend a good deal of time.  In my opinion, your home should be a haven where you can completely relax and decompress from this hectic thing called life we are all living.

If your home is not comfortable to you, I have a hard time believing a person can easily find a sense of peace and restfulness.  Any dwelling can become a home.  I personally feel that a house becomes a home based on what you surround yourself with.

We all have a different idea of what is comfortable to us.  Some need to have very little clutter; they don’t necessarily find objects to be sentimental and chose to fill their home with minimal items.  And then there are those of us (myself included) that love stuff!  I get very attached to things and feel happiest when surrounded by them.  I can honestly say that almost every single item in my home has some value of sentiment attached to it.


I love old things; things that have a story behind them.  I’m also a big believer in reusing and repurposing items.  My home has several antique pieces of furniture from my Grandma Vi.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are from days spent in my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s home.  Grandma and I would spend hours going to garage sales not only because she loved to shop; but because she loved antiques and the thrill of getting a good bargain!

This was the kitchen table in my grandparent’s home.  I have no idea how old it is, but I don’t remember it not being there.  It is beautifully simple, and well made.  It holds precious memories for me and I will always have a place for it in my home.

My office is where I keep the bookcase my Grandma Vi gave me. It is filled with treasures that I have either collected, or friends and family have given to me at various stages in my life.  These items are precious to me and are things I cannot bear to part with.  When I look at these momentos, I remember snippets of my very happy childhood and life.

Our dining room buffet was salvaged from a flooded basement in Grand Forks, MN.  It originally belonged to my mother-in-law’s grandmother.  My mother-in-law has always loved this piece, but had no space for it in her own home.  One day I saw it sitting in their pole building; just sitting there, dusty and sad.  She offered it to my husband and I and we gladly accepted.  My husband caringly cleaned it up and I purchased new knobs for the drawers and cabinets.  It isn’t perfect, but it fits perfectly in our home, and I am delighted to finally have a hand-me-down from my husband’s side of the family.

These are just a few samples of what I believe makes a house a home.  If you don’t have that warm fuzzy feeling when you walk into your place of residence, I encourage you to begin filling it with things you love, and in time, your house will become your home, too.

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