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It All Started with Gray and Mauve

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to decorate.  When I was really young, I had a pretty pink canopy bed that I loved.  Then, my family moved to a new house.  This house was brand new and bigger than old house.  My first bedroom here was completely color-coordinated in blue and white plaid.  I had twin beds with blue and white plaid bed covers, the bed frames and nightstand were painted white with blue detail, and of course the curtains matched the bedcovers.

Then, one day, my sister, who is nine years older, moved out.  She had the huge bedroom in the basement – one with an enormous walk-in closet and her very own full-size bathroom complete with sauna!  I was a wee bit excited knowing that this was now going to be my very own little haven in our home.  The problem was, and it was a big problem to me; it had yellow carpeting and curtains in a green, yellow and white leaf pattern.  Not so much my taste, even at the young age of 12 or 13.

Somehow I was able to talk my parents into letting me redecorate the room.  This was the early 80’s, you remember, when gray and mauve were all the rage.  New gray carpet was installed and a new full-size bed purchased with new mauve comforter and coordinating curtains.  I was in heaven.  Man, I loved that room!  I filled the white walls with posters of rock stars and actors that I had crushes on.  My closet not only housed my color- and item-coordinated clothes, but also my makeup table (yes, it was big)!  This was the dream bedroom for a teenage girl!

So, when I say it all began with gray and mauve, this is when I realized that tailoring a space to your likes can really make it your own.  I spent many, many hours in that room listening to music, talking to friends on the phone and reading magazines.  Looking back now, I loved that room so much because it was “me”.  It was decorated in a color palette I loved and filled with items that I treasured.

I so passionately want everyone to love their living space.  I don’t believe that there are tried and true rules to follow when you are designing a space to live in.  As long as that space is a reflection of you – filled with colors, artwork and decorative pieces that you enjoy and find special, then you are going to love it!

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