Kristin Campbell


$250 - CURB THE CLUTTER Organizing Package 

Do piles of papers, the kid's toys, books and over flowing, messy closets make you feel stressed out? Now is the time to get control of your space once and for all!

  • Preliminary phone conversation to determine your wants and needs
  • In-home assessment and hands-on organizing help to work through the areas of your home causing you stress (3 hours)
  • Detailed Action Plan with recommended solutions for achieving desired results

Add-on Organizing Services:

  • Organizing Help - $65.00/hr.; I can work with you, or independently, to get your desired spaces in order. Minimum 3 hours per working sessions. Weekly and monthly maintenance.
  • 12-hour Organizing Package - $600.00 (a savings of $180.00!); work to be done in three (3) 4-hour working sessions
  • Packing Materials - cost of materials + $75.00 fee for shopping; includes packing boxes, bags, packing paper and bubble wrap
  • Removal of donated and recycled items - cost to be determined based upon where donated
  • Personal Shopping - $65.00/hr.; shopping for desired items and tools to complete organizing projects

We can offer you our designer discount from many of your favorite retail stores! We can also save you time and money by utilizing our expertise in knowing where to shop for items you need. 

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